DFH Company

DFH J. Domingo FerrerSince 1.944, the company  J. DOMINGO FERRER, S.L.U. (DFH) manufactures and sells drawing items of scholar and professional quality  with their marks  (JUNIOR, CRISTAL, GRAPHER TECNIC,G-T, POLYPGRAPH, FERGRAPH), and for others marks.

J. DOMINGO FERRER S.L. has an extensive catalogue of drawing products as rulers, compasses, templates and scales, including nautical articles and for tailors. It also sells a wide range of material for offices, that commercialises under the mark of UNILEX in binders items.

The JDF collection of  drawing material presents  in different finishes,  either for technical drawing or scholar, the following items:  millimetre ruler, square 45º and 60º, protractor (180º or 360º), French curves templates, T rulers and computer rulers, drawing boats or paralex. Some of these products are able to be purchased in geometric kit or drawing bag.

The JDF collection of compasses is composed by the school compass, cadet training compass or professional compass, all of them into a case with different models as needed, including accessories like the  bow or ruling pen.

The JDF collection of templates and normographs is composed of a wide range of models like the letters template, figures template, map of Europe template, circles template, squares template and ellipses template.

This section of stationery and drawing items is completed with telescopic drawing tubes, scales (triangular and fun scale ruler), flexible curves rulers and pencil sharpener.

Since many years ago, this company is selling tailor articles: tailor ruler, tailor square and template in different formats on request. It also manufactures for boating: nautical protractor , nautical ruler, nautical square and compass.

Finally in terms of stationery , JDF distributes Banana Paper note books, manufactured with pulp obtained from the banana plant,  so that prey resources that do not harm the environment.

We are a company with over 60 years old, engaged in the manufacture and marketing of drawing items: rulers, templates, compasses, etc.  Both scholar and professional. Moreover we sell office and binding supplies as binding machines, laminating machines, etc.

The office supplies catalogue is mainly oriented to the binding material: binding machines with plastic binders (comb), spiral binders of metal, thermal binding; wide variety of embossed carton covers, leather board covers, polypropylene covers, PVC covers and thermo binding transparent covers. We may also find laminating machines, laminating pouches, rotary trimmers, paper trimmers, and aluminium paper board with clip.